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I was surprised to learn several years ago that new TV tech would be needed to display modern 3D films. After all, 3D movies are projected onto a 2D surface at the cinema and all television screens are 2D surfaces - why shouldn't a standard LCD screen be able to match what a large piece of canvas can do? Water under the bridge. With the advent of High Frame Rate movies like "The Hobbit" will we now be required to buy even *newer* 2D screens to display 48fps content? (I did my due diligence with Google/, which is why I'm now coming to you - thanks!).

Perhaps you have read such articles as this one:

It is full of just anecdotal information rather than scientific analysis and testing.

And, there are other such articles on the Hobbit production.

If you look at today's news from Las Vegas (January 11, 2013 is last day of Consumer Electronics Show which is held annually) you will see where several manufacturers representatives are claiming that HFR will soon become a standard of the industry.

In my own personal opinion some version of high frame rate may become popular after the cost, standards and technology have been settled.  But, it will take time because the actual improvement in viewing experience with a higher frame rate is marginal.  The Hobbit experiment was not an engineering test but a cinematography experiment and does not point to any new or lasting engineering fete.

It will be interesting to watch but don't expect HFR to become a big marketing factor in the consumer electronics arena or the Hollywood movie production field for that matter.

Just my opinion.  

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