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Vizio L37HDTV  November 2005.  I can manually change the input setting av1,2,tv, hdtv, ect and that shows up on the screen. I changed the HDM1 cable between the Charter Motorola box and tv with no effect. The set also won't recognize the DVD player that goes thru the AV1 input (3 RCA jacks, yellow, white, red). the volume level also will show up on the screen.  Is this a tuner issue in the TV? But wouldn't the DVD player work with a faulty tuner. Or is it the Motorola box that does the tuning? I think I'm confusing the old tuner system that required you to be on ch 3 or 4. SO, no picture and no sound.....Thanx in advance. Jack

Can't tell if the set has gone out or if you are hooked up wrong.

Here is what I would do to check:  Disconnect all inputs from the tv and try the av inputs using composite video and analog audio from a dvd player or vhs machine.  You may have to reset or rescan the tv to get it back to normal usage....   But, if you are still getting the blue screen it may be the set video board is defective.  If you can get normal video and audio then there are hook up or setup problems that must be solved.

Hope this helps.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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