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These TV is about 14 years old, works well, 60" screen.  I have had to replace the lamp a few times so I know the signs and symptoms.  However, now it is throwing me for a loop.  When you turn on the TV the picture comes on fine for about 5-10 seconds then goes out blank.  That tells me the lamp is good because I get a picture right?  Any idea what is wrong?
Thanks, Pete.

If the audio remains working and just the picture drops out it could be the lamp or the mounting of the lamp in its socket or something to do with the installation or it could be a failure of the power supply that feeds the lamp such as a voltage regulator or electrolytic capacitor that is shorting down.

If the audio goes out and the set seems totally dead then it is likely the main power supply that has failed or gone into standby or shut down mode.  The main power supply is likely to be a quite expensive repair.

At this age and this rather strange technology it is very likely the set is getting old enough that other major failures are just around the corner.  As you know this type of projection set is no longer made and the new flat screen tvs are a better HD picture quality.  Maybe it is time to look around for some of the newer, thin and shallow flat screen sets.

With the number of replacement lamps you have invested that may be another reason for looking at a new model.  

Not to discourage you but 9 to 12 years is considered a real good life expectancy for large screen tvs of this generation.  Longer life may turn out to be a costly supposition.

Hope this will help you determine a solution that works for you.  

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