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I recently bought a used Zenith SR2552S TV 1995 at a Goodwill. While I had no hint of the smell in the car, when I got it in the room where I wanted it, I began to smell the distinct flowery fragrance of perfume. (There is never perfume in my home nor on any guests recently so it was definitely the TV.)
I began to take sensible steps to isolate the source. I wiped over the exterior cabinet with a damp cloth with Ivory dishwashing detergent. No help. The smell was strongest from the top side air vent as if it were inside.
I unscrewed the back cover of the cabinet where I discovered the past owner of this TV had a terrible air filter in his home or, more likely, business. I took the TV outside and used an air compressor to gently blow all the black dust off the inside, especially off wires and cleared dust on the circuit board. While inside, I inspected everything. The fuse looked good. No capacitors bulging. No signs of overheating--or repairs. So I close it back up and move it back into the room and plug it in. Works fine. Still has perfume smell. You can smell it as soon as you enter the room.
I open up the cabinet again, remove the back cover from the room and scrub the inside with Ivory on a damp cloth. The back cover really doesn't smell. It's when I put my nose close to the back of the picture tube (careful not to touch the high voltage electron gun or its circuit board) that I get the strong scent of flowery perfume, can't think of anything else it could be.
I'm not sure if I should have done the next step--I wiped with a damp cloth (no Ivory) to remove black dust from the picture tube (still inside the cabinet here). I don't see any foreign objects or other residue that could be causing this smell.
In short, I can't use standard means of absorbing odors such as sprinkling baking soda on the picture tube. I'm wondering if the charged picture tube is either attracting or giving off particles of the perfume since it stays charged as I understand even after the capacitors would discharge when it's unplugged.
With all your experience of opening up TVs, can you tell me what I can do to remove the perfume odor from the back of the picture tube without damaging it or electricuting me? (Love the TV otherwise). Even an idea of what Not to try would be helpful.

I don't know of any electronic component that will produce the smell of perfume.  It would be my guess that the previous owner spilled some chemical inside the set and it is just difficult to get rid of it.  It may be all over inside the cabinet and lingering for a good long time.

My suggestion?  Shop around to a few more thrift stores and find an equivalent tv; throw the other one away.....

Best wishes.  

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