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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/no picture,or sound ,or remote control


i sent a previous mail to you and it is a 50" plasma. panasonic, with these numbers.....nov 2008 mc127427t11a s.n. lb83080155    once again i have been letting it sit and i paid quite a bit for it. it has just sit here for about3 years because of no picture, no sound, and remote won't perform and won't perform anything on the tv. i'm asking you to help please.

But you did not give the model number - which is the most important piece of information there is when it comes to tv of any kind or type.

Sorry, I don't keep old emails......

But, sitting around for 3 years without getting it working is not a good omen.  Consumer grade electronics products like to be 'fired up' to keep the component parts in working order.

With no functionality at all it could be anything from a bad power cord to a bad power supply or main board inside the unit.  You really should have a technician take a look at it so they can narrow down the possibilities.  Plasma sets are very technologically sophisticated and it is not an amateur task at hand in your case.  You really need to have a Panasonic tech look at it.

Why did you not have it checked out while it was still under factory warranty during the initial new period of ownership?  You should take care of such a valuable investment.  Now it is old technology and you may find it difficult to locate a shop that will work on it.....

Sorry for your bad luck.  Hope this helps.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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