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I was given a universal remote control to control all of my devices so I wouldn't have to have so many remotes sitting around. I have the manuel and when you don't have codes it even explains how I can get my remmote to learn the codes of my other remotes. The instructions on the maunuel are perfect and now I'm able to control all of my devices EXCEPT my AT&T u-verse motorola VIP 1225 cable box. My universal remote "accepts" the code of the cable remote but it is has no effect at all on the actual cable box when I try to use it. It works for all of my other devices.  I called Osiris (which makes the remote) and they say the AT&T u-verse cable box is the only device their universal remote seems to not be able to control. I also called AT&T and asked their customer service representative if they had a code to the AT&T cable box and he says he knows of no such code. So I asked since a universal remote can't control their box could their remote control my devices and they said the only thing their remote can be programmed to do is turn my other devices off and on. It won't control the functions of the other devices  which means if I use the AT&T remote I still need to have my other remotes available to control the functions of my other device.

I just find it hard to believe that their is no 3 digit IR code to their cable box Or that their remote control can only turn other devices off and on and thats all.

So I'm writing to see if you know a way to make my remote control the AT&T box with a 3 digit code or if I can use the AT&T remote they have as a universal remote. Just trying to find a way to get rid of all of these extra remotes. :-). Or maybe you have a suggestion of some other way I can do this.

Hope you can help


I know of no solution other than a different universal remote that may have support for the ATT box.  Sorry.  Can't help you further than that. I know it is frustrating but some companies just are not user friendly.  ATT is not a consumer electronics company and they are not wise about the need to be supported.


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