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QUESTION: i have a Toshiba CF30E50, that turns off by itself after awhile of playing time. is there something i can do myself to fix this problem?

ANSWER: There is a long list of possible causes. It requires some troubleshooting skill to know how to attack the problem.

It depends on how long it stays on, how long you must turn it off before it will start again, how long it takes to warm up and so on.

The most common causes of these kind of failures is bad components inside the main power supply.  Second most common is loss of the high voltage system and/or the horizontal deflection amplifier.

Does the red light blink when it goes off?  The blinking narrows it down to the power supply. If the audio remains on but the picture goes dark that usually narrows it down to the high voltage or horizontal section.

For sets this old, often times the problem is in the electrolytic caps in the power supply ripple filter.  Electrolytic capacitors are notorious for being the first component to fail since their life expectancy is about the shortest of the electronic components in tv sets.  They are not expensive to replace but require lots of labor to get them  out and solder in new ones.

These are some ideas for you to consider - along with others not mentioned.

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QUESTION: the red light does blink on & off. when that happens i unplug it for 15 seconds, plug it back in, then it comes back on. so i would have to replace the power supply?

How many blinks is often a diagnostic code.  You will need technical help to decide or troubleshoot. It could be a power supply issue but there are other possible causes.

There are a host of online guides and tutorials on how to troubleshoot electronic goods.  Here is a typical one that might help you in your quest:

Here is a more techy solution:

Good luck.  

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