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I have a Toshiba 46" LCD manufactured date: June 2011 Model: 46G310U. When first plugged up the tv has a perfect picture on all inputs. However after a few seconds to a few minutes the display goes dark with a horizontal line across the screen about half way down. The horizontal line will fade out after 25-30 seconds leaving the screen dark(back lights still works). I have replaced the inverter board, the T-Con Board, replaced most of the larger capacitors on the power board, I have even replaced the cables that connects the T-Con board to the main board. If I unplug the tv and leave it unplugged for several minutes when I turn the tv back on, the picture is back and perfect for the first few seconds or up to a couple of minutes, then the screen goes black again. Please any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

You have done the things that are best choices to solve the problem. Only thing left is to replace the power supply board.

Do you have a voltmeter?  If so I suggest you put the voltmeter on a likely dc feed line and watch it on the meter when you turn on the power.  This will indicate if the voltage is collapsing with the dark picture coming on.  Use an analog dc volt meter so you can watch the needle go up or down.  Walmart has on for $9.97 that works well for this kind of measurement.  Put the plus probe on the plus terminal of the caps you have already replaced and the negative terminal on a chassis ground.  This is a good place to start.

Hope this inspires you a little.  

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