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I have a standard definition digital terminal.  I BELIEVE It used to shut off the volume on my HDTV but it's not doing it anymore.  So when I press the power button on my digital terminal remote control, it shuts down everything except the volume on the tv, and all I hear is white noise from the tv speakers.  So I swapped another tv and another digital terminal, but same problem.  Also, the louder I put the volume on the tv, the louder the white noise when the tv is off.  I am baffled.  Please help.

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When you say "It used to shut off the volume on my HDTV" don't you really mean it is not shutting  off the tv?  For the audio to stay ON you need the tv on.  The reason the white noise is present is due to the tv losing signal and it is just producing a dead channel.

So, you must look into the coding of your remote for switching the tv.  If you have the code book for your remote, try the other codes listed.  

Hope this helps. But, let me know if you need more ideas.  

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