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QUESTION: I have a Phillips Magnavox model no. HD2506 C802 I seem to have deleted some channels. Will a hard start solve this problem ?

ANSWER: This being an analog set it does not receive digital channels.  If you are connected to a cable company it may have changed their sending patterns for digital and analog signals - which many of them have, especially comcast who is dropping their analog signals and going all digital.

If you are receiving by antenna then you must be going through an rf modulator to convert the digital reception to analog for the tv so the problem may be with the rf modulator or the antenna.

But, yes, if you restart or go through setup procedures you may get the channels back, considering the above comments.

Let me know if you need more.

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QUESTION: the tv has to be on channel 3 to function with the verizon cable box. Channel 3 no longer exists. How do I get it back ?

Channel three is often used but most manufacturers of tv and vcr/dvd players also make channel 4 available in case of interference with channel 3.  So, see if your set will work with channel 4 selected at the cable box and the tv.  If not you must reset the tv so it will bring channel 3 back.  To reset just unplug it for a few hours then repower it and go through the setup procedures again.  I think that will bring it back to working order.  

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