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The buzzing from my CRT tv is driving me nuts.  I believe it's the flyback transformer that causes this?  It's a Sony from 1994.

I would like to buy/get for free the cheapest tv possible that does not have a flyback transformer.

What about a rear projection or a DLP?  Do they have the same issue?  I don't care about any features/new technologies, I just want the buzzing to stop!



Yes, power transformers and flybacks will both buzz as they get old.  Stay away from DLP because they have not had a good reliability record and repairs to them are terribly expensive.

Best tvs now are LCD and Plasma flat screen sets.  They are coming down in price and are very good pictures, easy to operate, good quality and good reliability now days.  You can't buy crt based receivers now because no one makes them any more.

However, using ebay and craigslist you can get super good deals on used sets if you are careful and know how to choose them.  So many are listed because they are not working.  But, also many are up for sale because owner is going to flat screen and just wants to get rid of the old boat anchors.  But, keep in mind that over the air transmissions are all digital now and most cable companies are gradually switching over to all digital.  So, if you buy the old analog sets you need digital conversion of some kind to use them.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Hope this helps you along.  

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