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I have all my speakers hooked up. I also have a vcr/dvd player. On the back of the nsx-0555 there are two rca female plugs; one for a single audio cable and one for a single video cable. Are these to go from my nsx to my vcr/dvd player or are they to receive from my vcr/dvd player.

I'm trying to get my vcr/dvd player to play through my stereo speakers on my nsx-0555 while playing a movie to the tv. Or does the nsx/0555 play the movie itself? If this is the case, does the two plugs on the back go directly to my tv?

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The key is (the same for most all home and consumer electronics products) that if the jack is labeled "IN" it means a signal is coming from the "OUTPUT" of another device to feed into it.

If the jack is labeled "OUTPUT" it means the signal coming out of that jack is to be fed into another devices "INPUT".

For video related products, rca jacks or plugs, for composite system, yellow color is for video signal, white and red are for left and right audio.  If there is but one audio jack it usually means it is for mono only and is white in color (usually).

Your owners manual should show you how to make the connections.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need more.  

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