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I have a Harmon Kardon Festival 500; which came with the hosue when I bought it in 2006.

It is hooked up to speakers located in the ceiling throughout the house.

Last week the sound stopped coming out of the speakers.

I hooked a test speaker up to the 500 and that did not work either.

All electrical connections appear fine.

The display on the main unit is working and all functions (CD;TV;Tape;Tuner) are displayed as operating when selected--yet there is no sound.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Probably the audio output section has died.  If the unit it housed in an enclosed space it may be an overheating problem.  However, once it goes the only solution is to repair or replace the unit.  The repair cost may be more than is worthy of investing in such an old unit.  And, unfortunately, the age of this product is such that repair parts may no longer be available!

But, first, make sure the switches and functions are properly set.  Sometimes children will throw a switch or push a button that will effect its operation.  Example if the mute button is activated you will get no sound.  If the tape monitor switch is in the wrong position you may not get sound.  And so forth.

Good Luck.  

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