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QUESTION: I have a Mitsubishi model VS-4541 rear projection TV which was given to me. I don't have the remote or the instruction manual and I'm trying to set if up using a universal remote.
When I turn it on the picture comes on full screen for less than a minute then it goes black in the middle. When I turn it off and back on or press various other buttons the picture comes back on full screen then goes black in the middle again. When it goes black in the middle I can still see the part of the picture that is on both sides and on the top of the blacked out area. When I access the menu or color adjust, the blue screen and menu choices come on full screen and stay on full screen. Can you help me with this problem?

ANSWER: You must turn off the cc or closed caption function.  

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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QUESTION: Thank You for responding. I have tried pushing on the closed caption button of the remote with no result. I'll try using different codes to program the remote and see if that does the trick. Is there another way to turn closed captioning off besides using the remote? I haven't seen that on the menu.

In most tvs the only way to change the CC is by remote control.

If you do not have the original remote for the set you may have to try different remotes or codes until you get lucky!  

I use the remote control found at Dollar Tree (Yes, $1.00 each) to do experimenting with. If you play around with it long enough you can get it to work on almost any older tv that uses the 3 number codes.

Good Luck.  

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