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We purchased an antenna/remote set for free HD-TV access a couple of years ago. Model RCA STB7766C remote HD-TV cable box.

Just last week two TV stations here in Chicago (CBS and ABC) ran a ticker over the TV screen for several days stating that they were going to "improve" their antennas/service here and we would need to re-scan in order to receive reception. We tried re-scanning via the TV menu; that doesn't work.

We had ordered another remote to the initial antenna set since the first one malfunctioned; the second one malfunctioned. So we are not equipped with a remote right now.

The manual does not talk about how to address re-scanning for the situation of the two channel's upgrading, even with a remote.

A friend mentioned using the TV menu, but that doesn't seem to work (rescanning).

Any insights/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance. :)

ANSWER: The STB7766C is a converter for receiving the digital off-the-air tv signals and converting it to analog tv reception for tvs that are not digital capable.

If you read the instruction or owners manual that came with the unit it will explain how to do the search for channels.  If you have lost the manual you can find it online with a simple google search.

First, check the hookup diagrams to make certain you have the connections correct to your tv.

Go into the menu and follow the instructions.  Here is a portion of the procedure from page 10 of the manual:
Searching for Channels Automatically
1. Press the MENU button on the remote control.
2. Use the / buttons then press ENTER button or press 5 button to select the Settings menu.
3. Use the / buttons then press ENTER button or press 1 button to select Channel Scan.
4. Repeat the similar operation to start scanning (Begin / Scan Add).
The unit MUST be connected to an antenna in order to receive digital TV signals.
If you wish to stop scanning in the middle of the scanning process, press the MENU button to
cancel scan or the EXIT button to exit.

Hope this will get you going.   Send me a followup if you run into trouble.

Good Luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We don't have a working remote...

The one that came with the kit, died.  Bought another through RCA; it died 4 months later.  We are trying to find a way to scan without one (tired of buying dead remotes). :)

Sorry, but you must have a remote to work the scanning.  I think a proper universal remote will work with it. Try the remote available at Dollar Tree.  Yes, at a cost of $1.00!  You may have to fiddle with it to get the right remote code but it does have searching ability.

I don't think you can get into the scan mode without the remote control.  

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