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Dear Mr Cleggsan, I hope you will be albe to help me out in my attempt to find a durable vhs/ dvr recorder(combo). Mr Cleggsan, I have gone through 4 vhs/dvr recorders in the time frame of about a year and a half. I live in Gautier Ms(in the country). The only store that sells vhs/dvr recorders is walmart.  The problem is that walmart only sells one brand(magnavox)and only one model(zvs427mg9). It is a inferior vhs/dvr recorder(I have read the reviews online. everyone complains about it, and says not to purchase it), but I have no choice but to purchase it, because it is the only model that walmart sells. I could go online to purchase other models, but I really don't know if the other models(walmart has other vhs/dvr recorders, but you have to go online to purchase them)or any better.

Mr  Cleggsan, the problem with the magnovox zv427mg9 is only the vhs portion of the combo. If you play vhs tapes, it will eventually break down, and you will no longer be albe to play any vhs tapes. This genearally occurs about 2 to 4 months after playing vhs tapes.

Mr Cleggsan, if you would be so kind sir, would you give me your opinion on a vhs/dvd recorder(also I would like the type that dubbs from vhs to dvd, and from dvd to vhs) brand that was durable, and could withstand a lot of wear, and tear? I really would appreciate it. I will go to google and see what other experts have to say, but I want to get your opinion also. When you get a chance, please let me know what brand/model vhs/dvr recorder you would recommend. I wanted a model that could dubb dubbing from vhs to dvd, because I want to transfer all of my important clips(movies, video) to dvd because vhs recorders of course is becoming obselete or will be soon. Thank you. Elbert

Yes, VHS is nearly obsolete.  DVD is looking to become obsolete in the near future. Downloading and digital home recorders, Hulu, BigBox, Apple and such Internet delivery systems are becoming the popular way of delivering entertainment media.

Dubbing commercial videos is prohibited by the recording standards and a no-record flag comes up when you try to transfer from DVD to VHS - unless it is a home recording or a movie that does not inhibit recordings.

In any event, there are problems transferring movies due to the copy protections built into recorders and players.  You can google for work arounds but it usually involves sending to the computer and using recording software of one kind or another.

There are many places to purchase the players you seek.  Walmart has many in their online store and will send them to your local store for pickup. is another that has many for your consideration.  And, have you tried who will also ship them to you from their warehouses.  And, finally, a really good source for purchasing any kind of home electronics is who ships very quickly to anywhere in the USA including Mississippi!

To select a good on I suggest you try a few models that you would be interested in and then google for reviews from various sources to get an idea of their reliability.

Good brands are Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Panasonic, etc.  

I don't like to make equipment recommendations because the final selection is very subjective. Many qualities are more important to one person than another.  Price, color, size, weight, design, reliability, features, picture quality, sound quality, ease of operation, durability, resale value are among factors in making a purchase decision.

So, you have some homework to do in refining your choices and setting your budget.

By the way, the Magnavox unit you speak of has a ONE year warranty on labor and 90 days on labor so you could take advantage of that.  Also, an extended warranty is offered by Walmart that is not too expensive.  I looked at the user comments on the Walmart web and found that most buyers were quite satisfied with it.   Their web shows many other models that you can chose from and have shipped to the store for pickup if you like to stay with Walmart as your store of choice.

Hope this helps.  

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