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Hello,  I am interested in purchasing a used Pioneer Kuro Plasma 5080.  Even though there several years old, I have not seen even a new plasma that I like as much.   I can get it for only a few hundred however it has an issue.  There is a 2" clear/white discoloration in the center of the screen.  It is less prominent when TV is turned on or backlit. If needed, i am able to send a picture of the set. I know the info is limited but are you able to make a best guess on what caused it and the possible costs to repair?

Thanks for the help.

You are right: it is now an old set, but a good one for its day.

My thoughts are:

ONE:  A few hundred dollars for a set this old seems very high priced; especially so since it has a defect. If it were in perfect condition it might be worth a "few hundred" but my limit would be around $300.

TWO:  Guessing about the color issue in the center of the screen leads me to think it might be a burn in problem - which was common in earlier plasma sets.  If it is a burn it is not repairable and requires replacement of the display which would be very, very expensive.  Finding a replacement display screen may be very difficult as well.  If it is, indeed, a burn in defect it renders the value of the set near zero.

CONCLUSION:  It might be best to stay away from it.  

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