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Below is the conversation we had before.  I presume you mean "reach under the cover" is to reach in the slot where I load the CDs.  I looked in there with a flashlight and did not see where the optical lens was located.  Is there a schematic where I can see the location?  Or can you guide me by telling me where to aim the Q-tip in the clot?  It holds 5 CDs so it is probably fairly far back and I cannot see much with a flashlight.  When I had the top cover off, I could not see where it was either.  Any suggestions on how I can find the optical lens?

Thank you for your time.

Subject:    CDs skipping
Question:    QUESTION: "I don't know if you know about CD players but will ask anyway.  I have a Teac PD-D2500.  It has 5 5 spaces for CDs that are on a revolving table.  I will play a CD and it skips or stops playing even though the deck is still on,  I have cleaned the disks so it has to be the player.  how can I fix this?

Thank you."

ANSWER: Try cleaning the optical lens.  Do this by using a cotton Q tip by just flicking off the dust and microscopic particles.  Do not use any liquid or cleaning fluids.

But, my suspicion is the laser diode which is buried inside the optical pickup is getting old and weak since this is quite an old model.  The cure is to replace the optical pickup system. Unfortunately, the replacement cost and alignment of the optics will cost quite alot and most owners of cd players have found it more economical to just purchase a new cd player/changer.

Hope this helps you with the right solution.

PS: There are many other possible causes of skipping such as a bad Integrated Circuit that processes the digital information from the disk, mechanical tracking system out of adjustment due to dropping the changer or bumping it, optical focus controls out of adjustment, etc.  But, again, fixing these things require taking the changer to a shop that has the test equipment to do the repairs and adjustments. Unless you are emotionally tied to this changer you might find it more economical to replace it.

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QUESTION: Sorry it took so long ot get back to you.  I took the lid off the CD player.  There were cables and wires over the optical lens.  It looks like the lens is underneath but I don't think the lens is facing me.  I think I have to take the whole thing out to clean it.  Is this right?  How can I access the lens?  I also noticed I have a CD cleaner disk in a drawer.  Will this clean the lens or clean it as well as  just a swab?


ANSWER: You can try a long reaching q-tip.  A lens cleaning disc may help also but they sometimes don't work so well.  I do not encourage you to dissassemble the mechanism unless you are electronically and mechanically inclined as there is too much danger in damaging the internal parts.

As before, my suspicion is the set needs a replacement of the optical reader head which I guarantee you will cost more than the purchase price of a new cd player.

Best wishes.

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QUESTION: Thanks again for the reply.  I already had the bottom off when I contacted you before.  It is a 5 disc changer.  From the bottom, I took the "motherboard" loose and took off the part that turns the changer.  I cannot see the optical  lens from the bottom.  Is it easier to access from the bottm or maybe through the opening in the front where we load discs?  After I find  and clean the lens and it still does not work right, then I will take your advice and look for a different one.

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Answer:    On some sets you can use a Q tip and reach in under the cover. You can extend the reach of the Q tip by taping another together.

Wishing you the best.

To clean off the lens you must find it, for sure!

It is the device that reads the digital data on the disc.  It may be far back inside the set.

You can obtain a service manual which would show the location of all the mechanism and how to disassemble for service.  Sometimes you can find the service manual online as a free download but more often you must purchase it at cost (usually around $10 to $20).

Good Luck.  

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