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I have a Pioneer Model PD-M603. I just purchased this on E-bay and the person says it worked great. It goes through all 6 cds in the magazines and acts like there aren't any in the player. It doesn't seem to really load the cd because nothing plays.

That is the problem buying over eBay or any long distance seller.  They always say it works but you never know until it lands in your own hands.  One should never purchase consumer electronics unless they have personally tested it for proper working. Or, at least a guarantee and return for refund if it does not work as described.

Well, now you have it.  The problem could be a simple fix such as dirt inside the mechanism or on the laser optics - which are easy to clean.  Or, it could be that during shipment the laser pickup was vibrated out of alignment.  If you are brave you can open it up and try to determine if an of the parts look like they are out of place - or have a friend who is electronically gifted look at it as well.     However, most likely the laser diode inside the optical pickup has gone dead or too weak to read the disc.  The cost to replace the optical pickup is around $100 and requires alignment procedure to make it work optimally.

Most people find it less expensive in the long run to just buy a new player.  Maybe you can convince the seller to take it back and return your money.

Hope this helps.  

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