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I am using an old Sylvania TV with a region-free Phillips DVD/Blu-Ray player.  I also purchased a May Flash brand PAL to NTSC converter.  The problem is that when I play a PAL format DVD, the picture looks like the vertical hold is not set correctly.  The picture rises rapidly and keeps doing it even when paused.  When I eject the disc, the system menu still does not work.  If I put in a different disc, everything goes back to normal.  Do I need a different converter, or is there some other way I can watch the DVD without replacing the TV?

The PalFlash little converter boxes only do not convert for 60Hz tv sets.  I think they require a tv that is on the 50Hz NTSC system.  Or, if the set has a vertical hold adjustment, it can be adjusted to synch in on the 60 Hz interlaced signal.

I think there are other inexpensive converters that do convert all the way to 60hz compatible NTSC sets.

Another problem may be the PAL discs you are using do not come from the PAL countries that are listed as compatible with your device.

One of the MayFash converters that I checked works only with PAL regions B,D,I,G, and H.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if there is more to the story.  

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