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I have a 20 inch tv, bought in 2007. Model is Onida's Oxygen.
Recently, I observed its color going green and  lately it has gone completely red. Though pictures are still visible, but the colors are unidentifiable. Is my television's life got over?

I am going to give you two possible answers.

ONE:  If the screen is totally red color and about the same shade throughout the screen and does not change with program being watched then it maybe  a bad picture tube or the circuitry that feeds the color gun inside the tube.  In fact, if you are in a high humidity area it could be the connections at the rear of the picture tube have become corroded.  To check this you should remove the back cover (after waiting for at least 8 hours after  the power cord has been disconnected from the mains - to prevent shock from high voltage) and pull the big connector on the back of the neck of the tube and put it back.  Do this two or three times which may allow the contacts for cut through the corrosion on the plug pins.

TWO: If the screen color is more like a big blob and not evenly colored over the surface of the screen you may have a magnetized screen.  This is caused when the tv is near a magnetic field or when the degaussing coil inside the tv is defective.  Especially, if the colorization of the screen came about gradually may indicate a degaussing is in order.  You can degauss the screen with a degaussing coil especially made for this purpose.  You can buy them online or you can take the set into a tv repair shop where they have the degaussing tools on hand.

Let me know if you have further questions after determining the most likely approach to the problem.

Hope this helps.  

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