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Hi cleggsan,

My JVC HM-DH30000U SVHS DVHS machine (circa 2002?)powers on, but will not accept a cassette. The cassette enters the tape bay, but is quickly ejected again. There are no other apparent problems. Any ideas on how I might remedy this? I have lots of experience as a hobbyist troubleshooting audio gear, but VCRs are new to me.

Thank you!

Was there an error code given on the screen?  If so, check page 73 of the owners manual (Eng) at:

Also, the above manual has a couple of pages dealing with troubleshooting starting at page 70.

If the set has been in a high humidity environment or an unusually cold storage place it could be contaminated with moisture on the rotary heads.  This can usually be cured by leaving the set on the ON position for an hour or so to allow the heat of the electronic circuits to dry out the moisture contents.

After considering the above and still no solution you will need to go deeper.  The electro-mechanical nature of media handling machinery is complex.  There are so many possible causes which are listed below:

-  Cassette is out of standard dimensions - caused by off-label discount products.
-  Tape handling mechanism jammed or damaged in some way thwarting cassette intake.
-  Capstan bent causing belt to slip off its guide tracks.
-  Servo circuit needs servicing.
-  Electronic circuits locked up; requires reset and restore.  [Can be done by disconnecting from the mains for a while and rebooting power.]
-  Tension settings are all out of adjustment - can be caused by normal wear and tear.
-  Foreign object lodged in the works somewhere such as a paper clip, hair pin, etc. often caused by a young child putting object in the loading slot.

In the long run, worst case, you may need to take it into a JVC service center where they can perform a manufacturers troubleshooting investigation.  You can find the nearest center or authorized agent at:

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you need more.  

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