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QUESTION: I have a old Sanyo DS27800 TV that I am trying to decrease the screen size. It is cutting the picture off at the top. I fixed it a while back (I found some codes online) but now I cant find the website and what I remember on how to get there to change the settings (Plugging in tv while holding down on the power button) is not working. I dont want to have to buy a manual and the ones I have found do not show what I am looking for. Any chance you know how to get to the codes?  Thanks for your trouble.

ANSWER: This model is poorly documented by Sanyo and it is difficult to find manual (that are free downloads).  You could try a model of similar model number which might have the procedure for altering screen size.

So, my inclination is to have you go into the menu and look for adjustments that can be made by the user.  Most tube type television receivers have an adjustment for vertical size and horizontal size.  Some Sanyo models have an adjustment called "zoom" that blows the screen up in size by a couple of inches.

You must have the remote control to get into the menu, probably.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the follow up. I did find out what I was looking for here (for your info if this ever gets asked again)

Yes.  Thank you.  I have been on that site before but the reason it is hard to find is because all others call it service mode while sanyo is calling it service menu.

A place I use alot it which has many of the world's tv service mode listed - among other aids and helps.

Have a great day.  

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