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Hello!  I have always wondered why DVRs did not evolve out of VCRs as simple consumer owned devices. Instead, when I chance to look at such things, I see TIVO and other lease-able gadgets and plans. I would have liked to see shelves full of cheap, stand-alone, plug-and-play kind of removable disks (like external HDs).  Am I clueless, or is this some sort of conspiracy?

No conspiracy.  The market is primarily centered around  tv, movies and the Internet. The cable companies are quick to rent/lease them to their subscribers for an extra income stream and to provide tv time shifting which is a big portion of the user market share.

And, for a small, inexpensive digital recording device the market favors the portable cams that do so many more things than just record video.  Also, there are many software providers that sell programs allowing users to record audio and video on their computers and laptops.  Perhaps you have noticed that nearly all laptops and variants have video cameras built into the top lid for skype and youtube and any other thing you wish to record, etc.

Some of the early stand-alone hd recorders did very poorly in the market.. The market speaks and the technologist hear their preferences.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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