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i have a mitsubishi ws 65313 tv. worked  great before we moved it to another house. now it turns itself off in 2-3 seconds .any thoughts?

It's a ten year old set so you cannot expect too much more out of it.  Normal life span for a RPTV of this class is 12 to 15 years, so yours is in the end of life pattern.  Which is to say you may not have a wise investment if the cost of repair is more than a little.

Rule number one for big RPTV is once installed, never move them!  MOving is very hard on the thousands of connections, solder joints, cables, plugs, jumpers and so forth.   Torquing the chassis during a move often creates intermittent joints or connections internally.

So first on  the repair list is to give it the whacking workover:  With the set in either off or on mode just whack the set with your hand or fist all around the cabinet; push it and wiggle and jiggle it; maybe even put a book or wedge under one corner at a time to see if you can torque the internals of the set enough to restore whatever went wrong during the move.

Second item is to reset the tv. The owners manual has instructions for resetting several conditions of the programming features.  They may benefit from resetting as well but the trouble shooting reset is done by unplugging the power for at least 4 hours or overnight before powering it up again.

If it still does not come up it is likely you will need to call in a tech who can check it out.  Common failures from moving the set around are cables to connectors that got torqued enough that some connection went open circuit. If you are brave and want to experiment a little you can turn the set off, unplug for at least 4 hours (to discharge the high voltage which can be lethal - 25,000 volts is running round inside!), then remove the back cover so you can see into the guts.  Then methodically go through each plug/connector by wiggling and disconnect/reconnect two or three times to make sure a good electrical connection is getting done.

See how that goes.  

Calling in a professional tech will cost more than the worth of the set.  We see these kinds of big screen RPTVs listed on Craigslist as curb pickups, free for the hauling away.  So many owners of them are switching over to the new technology - LCD, Plasma - flat screen, etc...

So, the value of a big screen that is not in working order is right around $$0.00 dollars.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more.  

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