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I have a Phillips rear projection 50pp7445/69 TV. The unit has perfect visual but no sound. I have used it for the past 6 years without using the TV sound because I played it through a surround sound system.
I want to run it now without the additional system but do not get any sound out of it. Tried all he AV inputs and also the standard tuner. The mute is not on and have also checked the sound settings.
Could it be the amplifier chip?

My first thought is the settings in the menu area are set for audio off when you first connected sound system.  So, go back and check the settings just to make sure the audio is on internally.  Some sets have a switch on the back for external audio feed.  So, check that as well.

Once you are certain the problem is internal you may need to have a technician troubleshoot the audio chain.  Problems could be in the power supply section that feeds the audio power amplifiers, the speaker wires or the speakers themselves (speakers can go bad just sitting and not being used).  It would be unusual for both channels to go bad in the same way, so that would lead one to suspect the power supply line that feeds the amps.  Repair on RPTVs is always expensive, sorry to say.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more.  

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