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QUESTION: I have a RCA Home Theatre Console TV Model G35302HK CTC169 chassis.  I turned it off and when I turned it back on it would not come on. I checked the fuse. It was blown which I replaced and the TV still will not come back on. Can you help?

ANSWER: This is an old set and the cost of repair may not be a wise investment since the value of old CRT analog sets is nill.

This set has a few comments from old forums and online discussions that lead to power supply problems, deflection burnouts and other misc issues.

One owner had similar problems to yours. Here is a link to the power supply schematic diagram:

If you can find R4003, 33k, 2W; R4150, 22 ohm; C4118, 470mfd, 35v; and C4153, .33mfd, 25v and either check them or replace all of them.  Most likely it is the 470mfd cap that has gone bad and shorted down; a very common thing in old sets. It turns out electrolytic caps like those in power supplies are the first to go due to their shorter life span caused by the electrolyte inside the cap that crystalizes.

Good Luck with it; hope this helps you with a solution.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your answer even though it was not what I wanted to hear. This tv is the best one I have ever had and it was given to me by my previous boss as a Christmas present four years ago. I do not have any money in it so I may deside to have it repaired if I can come up with the money it takes to fix it. Thank you again for your time and answer to my problem.

Thanks for the feedback and best wishes.  Actually, even though expensive, the new flat screen lcd, plasma and led tvs are much superior in picture quality and entertainment value.  I recommend you investigate them as a replacement to the ancient set that has probably reached its end of life.  Statistically, because there are hundreds or thousands of parts in a tv, when failures start coming it is highly likely that soon after the first repair or two that others will come like an avalanche so I do not recommend repairs of older tvs unless there are sentimental or other values that make it necessary.

Best wishes.  

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