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I have a lg 47  inch 240 htz. 3d tv. I get pixelation on most channels. I have cable tv , II have rg6 quad cable feeding the tv. Is this a cable company problem or a tv problem?  Would getting high defintion from cable company help me on this problem? I also checked all my connections and they seem good.


If you are getting good signal from the cable line then it is likely a component in the tv.  But, let's talk about it.  If the pixelation is quite constant and continuous it could be the main board in the tv that is the source of the problem. If the pixelation is more random and comes and goes sporadically it could be from a weak signal coming through the cable system to the tv.  Here is my suggestion:  If you have another tv or if you can borrow a neighbors tv try connecting the alternate tv to the same cable connection and see what you get. If the picture is clear with other tvs that are connected to the same line then you should suspect the LG as being a problem. If still under warranty then I would contact the manufacturer immediately.  If the alternate tv has a similar problem when connected to that cable line it could be either losses in the house wiring or a weak signal coming in from the cable portal.

Just as an example, I had a friend with somewhat the same problem but the cable company was certain after checking the line levels in the apartment building that their signal was okey. After much hunting and checking we found that one of the cable outlet boxes mounted in the wall had a short on the line where a mounting screw  had gone through the cable and shorted it out.  I offer this only to point out that strange and simple things can sometimes be at the root of the kind of problem you are facing.

Hope this helps.

PS: BTW, if possible, you could try the LG on the neighbors cable line to see if it works okey there?  I think these ideas will let you zero in on the problem.  

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