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QUESTION: I'm resending this because part of it in the middle was cut out...
"I have 2 HD TV's each connected to an HD Box (RNG110 and RNG150) with HDMI connector. I noticed lately there is a delay when switching channels, about 2-3 seconds. The screen will go black and then the picture will show. Comcast sent a new signal but it didn't help. Someone suggested onlin that in the cable box menu ('tv display capability') that for all the  resolutions listed (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i) to put 'No" to all of them and 'yes' for only the highest resolution your TV is capable of. So I did that, one set is set to 'yes' for only 720p and the other is set to 'yes' for only 1080i, I put 'no' for all the others...and it worked. The channels are much quicker to change. I always thought all the resolutions had to be 'yes.' My question is, will this in any way mess up the boxes or TV? The 1080 TV is new.  Thanks"

ANSWER: The tv will handle the resolution automatically. So, I agree with setting for the signal sent to the tv to be the highest the set will receive. If the signal comes in actually at a lower resolution the tv will internally adjust to it.

So, you have answered your own question. Right?  Do you need more from my side?

If you are still having troubles with channel switching you might try component or composite signal from the box to the tv.  HDMI has some internal switching transients that could be slowing down the works, depending on the HDMI software the set is using internally, perhaps.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok thanks! Since it works fine or even better (faster channel switching) when selecting only the highest signal that the set will receive and putting 'no' next to the others, I agree. But just curious, why does the manual and Comcast say to put 'yes' next to all the different resolutions listed?

Probably because there are some tv sets, especially some of the earlier flat screens, that don't have the internal automatic recognition system.  And, when you choose the all yes settings it sends the receiver into a more time consuming search routine.  That's my guess.

Best wishes.  

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