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pv4671h zenith projection tv make a hissing sound when press power switch and take a long time to comes on  after several press on power switch then one day when try to turn on it give the same hissing sound for a couple of second and a red light where the power light is keeps blinking and the tv never comes on again.

Well, Sir, this is a very old set and there are so many possible causes that would be related to the failures you described.

A very common ailment of all RPTV is failure of the convergence circuitry.  The repair cost is always around USD$300 plus or minus.  It is quite a big job to repair.  Some sets have kits you can purchase to do the repairs yourself for around $80 and a few hours of labor but I could not find a repair kit listed for this model.

Another possible cause is the power supply.  The power supply contains some of the most prone to failure components and can be the cause of the hissing sound you heard.  These components are called electrolytic capacitors and there would be two or three of them in your set.  They often dry out and build up gas and the escaping gas can cause hissing sound.

Repair of the power supply will cost around USD$300 also but if you are handy and can recognize defective electrolytic caps and know how to remove them and solder in replacements you can do it for much less.

Hope this helps.  

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