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QUESTION: my 65 inch Mitsubishi has developed a new buzzinghumming noise is coming through speakers,gets louder and quitter with volume control only time noise is gone if mute volume or go to different input,this is my main input ant a witch is feed by the cable for every day watching,how can I switch to ant b input and watch my cable that way to see if the noise will go away

ANSWER: Well you can switch over to the other input by moving the connecting cable over then go into the menu and select the other input.  Try that and see if it helps.

But if the noise you are getting is more hum than buzz it is likely there is an open electrolytic capacitor in the power supply ripple reducer filter.  If the buzz is more than the hum it may be video buzz caused by video signal getting into the audio electronics some how.  This condition will probably require a technician to troubleshoot and track down the culprit.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more.

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QUESTION: thanks I will try video b input tonite,just thinking since the buzzing noise has started every once and a while the picture will go kind of fuzzy for a few minutes and go back to normal for the rest off the night think there tied together or 2 different issues,cant excactly explain the picture kindy looks like a colorfull snow storm.and when you turn it on after sitting overnite get a little bit of whit spots on screen till warms up,only there for a minute or so then gone ?

ANSWER: Video buzz can be caused by mistuning of the channel or crosstalk from one channel with another such as when cable are too close together. If you are using an antenna it can be the tuning or the orientation of the antenna. So, think about that and try moving things around.

I once had those similar symptoms coming from a friends home - he was in a high rise apartment in downtown Atlanta. We finally found the problem in the cable outlet box in the wall.  Two wires from the multi wire cable were touching causing signal loss and crosstalk.  Separating the wires solved the problem.  I am not suggesting this will be your solution but you may find something as simple yet bazaar as the solution unfolds.

Your symptoms definitely smell of signal loss and channel mistuning and/or crosstalk with other video composite signal interferences.

Good Luck.

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QUESTION: ok I switched my cable lead to ant b last night and no change with buzz\hum noise moved all cables around and no change I don't get it I can go to input 3 and watch a movie through my wii and volume is perfect
any more ideas before I call a tech and have it checked out

Have you tried input 3?  Check it out; maybe there is a clue.

But, based on the conclusion above, the indication is the problem is not in the RPTV set but something to do with the signal side.  Antenna, cable connections, crosstalk, etc.  Something strange going on and they are always the most difficult to track down.

Can you try different inputs such as component or composite. Using a vcr as a tuner for the channels it could be connected to the composite or s-video input of the tv.  Try that and see if it works well.

Don't give up.  

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