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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/Phillips flat screen 2006, #27pt6441/37


The TV will not stay on flashing green light next to turn on button. Flashing twice then eleven times just a black screen on Phillips flat screen 2006 model no. 27pt6441/37.

This is an analog tv set with 27" crt picture tube and requires a digital converter to receive digital television signals from antenna and from most cable companies.  Therefore, I am assuming you have had it working previously and it has since failed.

I can not find the code 2-11 for this set. But, most likely it is a problem with the power supply.  If you have sound but no picture it could still be part of the power supply that powers the video section. If you have no audio or video then chances are it is complete failure of the power supply.

The set is getting old; probably manufactured around 2004 making it at or near its end of life period.

Further, a most often failing component in power supply circuits are the electrolytic capacitors used in the filter section.  These are quite expensive to repair due to the labor involved in removing the old ones and installing the good ones.

To know for sure you should have the set tested by a trained technician.  But, let me warn you the repair costs may exceed the value of the set.  A 7 year old 27" set has virtually no value on the used tv market now days. Sorry.

Hope this helps.  

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