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TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting/side stripes both sides before picture comes on


QUESTION: Trinitron wide screen tv. Excellent picture but recently wide gray stripes either side of screen appear before the picture comes on.

ANSWER: Without the model number it is difficult to guess what might be going on; each model had unique technology inside the set!

My first suspicion would be the settings for aspect ratio need tuned up; but only recent Trinitrons have settings for this.  If it is receiving standard aspect signal and the tv is set for wide screen then you would have strips on each side until it adjusts.

But, if that is not the problem, send the model number so we can dig deeper.


PS:  See the comments from the description of one such wide screen Trinitron below:

"The KV-34XBR910 offers a total of 7 A/V inputs, including two HD-capable component video inputs. Use one of these inputs to hook up a separate HDTV tuner and experience the exceptional color, detail, and dimensionality of HDTV in your own home. For future-readiness, Sony includes another type of high-performance video connection: DVI. The DVI input is there to provide greater compatibility with new and upcoming HDTV tuners. Having both types gives you more options when choosing a tuner to receive whichever HDTV signals are available in your area: over-the-air broadcasts, satellite, or cable. The '34XBR910 is compatible with both 1080i and 720p HDTV signals (720p is converted to 1080i a big advantage, as many TVs must downconvert 720p to 480p). The TV's built-in analog tuner lets you enjoy your regular shows, too (you can choose to display them in a standard 4:3 window with gray bars on the sides, or expand the image to fill the screen)."

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QUESTION: This is a large tv (widescreen) which my son bought for his bedroom but was a little too large, so he donated it to me. Of course the picture is still great which is the reason we are keeping it, but he did not have the manual. We recently altered the picture to Personal which gave a great bright picture, but the stripes arrived. Where would the model number be on the set? It is heavy to move and is around 10 years old. I will check the hand control. only other info found. Sony Trinitron 30" screen with a top control panel which lights up when touched. Advanced 100Hz Digital plus
Nicam (UK) which has Remote 89 (not a flat screen). My son lives in Orlando now.

Model number is always on the back of the set usually around where the power cord comes into the set.  Often times the model number is molded into the plastic cabinet but most often it is a sticker attached to the back of the cabinet.

If you are in England and this is a USA set then you have a system format difference since British tv signals are different from USA standards which could be part of the problem as well.

Once you have the model number, using that number you can usually find a download of the owners manual online.  Sony manuals are generally very easy to find with a google or bing search.  From that you may find the answer to your question.


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