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We have an old Fisher MC-755 Digital Component System which we like a lot except that the CD player does not function well. We would like to hook a new CD changer up to this system through the TV/VCR input jack. Is this possible? The changer we think we want is a Sony CDP-CE500 with a 5 disk carousel.

I could not  find the appropriate listing of specifications for this nice old set.

But, you need to have audio inputs (or a digital input, which this set is too old to have had such) so as to connect the audio outputs (left and right channels) to the audio inputs of the Fisher.

So, look over the back panel and see if the tuner section or elsewhere you can find audio inputs and settings for auxiliary inputting.

Another possibility is to use a converter if you can find one.  They are not common and I haven't actually found such a converter but that does not mean one can be found online.  But, perhaps the simple solution is to use a vhs vcr to feed the audio into it from the cd changer and the output of the vcr to the Fisher input. That might work.

Good Luck.  

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