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What is your thoughts on power conditioners vs. surge protectors?  Are they better if you want to protect components such as computers and a flat panel tv/home theater components?  I have a nice Panasonic plasma plugged into a surge protector along with some other home theater components.  Just recently, the tv has been shutting off (it apparently probably has some circuit shutdown protection in it).  I unplugged the tv and plugged it directly into the wall (I know, this is not recommeded by any means).  No more of it shutting off.  I have a lot of things plugged into an adjacent circuit on another wall where the computer is plugged into.  I have a surge protector there with all 8 outlets taken, along with the 4 outlets on the wall filled.  Maybe this overloaded the circuit and caused the tv to shut off randomly.  I did't even think they were connected to the same circuit as the circuit breaker doesn't show this.  The circuit breaker never tripped though.  My other guess was that the surge protector is bad, but the lights on it are well lit.  It is about 10-15 years old.  Since this was a scary scenario with the tv, I was thinking about getting a power conditioner for it , instead of a good surge protector.  Would this be better?  I see many power conditioners don't list the Joules rating, which in surge protector's can be pretty high.  I thought this was a critical feature to have.  Someone on one sight said power conditioners are nothing more than glorified surge protectors.  Thanks.

I donot like surge protectors and don't recommend them unless you are on a known power company that has surge problems. And, then you must have a surge protector of huge proportions - lots of joules storage - which is more than the usual protectors sold at home appliance/electronics shops.  Many surge protectors are too disruptive like you have found out.

They make lots of money for the retailers but you probably don't need them at all; not for tv, not for computer, not for anything unless you are doing laboratory work and need rock solid line conditions.

Tell me why you think you need line conditioning and surge protection?  Tell me what power company you are on and what testing you have done to show that the line voltage is unstable and I will be glad to guide you further.

Meantime, don't worry about operating products directly to the line.  

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