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We have a Sony LBT-D560 that we had connected to our TV to give a much nicer sound than the original speakers.  We moved and now as we plugged the stereo on, we can hear a very light sound inside (like a small motor running smoothly) but the lights do not come up, and it does not respond to anything, neither on its own board nor with the remote.  We wonder what could have happened and if it is worth fixing.  It was serving really well for the purpose actually, as we much better sound out of the Sony speakers than those of the TV.

Sounds like time to get a replacement system!

The motor running is likely the spindle drive motor that spins the disc.  And it is likely something in the tracking, error code analyzer and servo-tracking system has failed.

It is just a guess from long-distance, but I think it is 80% correct.

It may be a simple repair such as replacing the electrolytic cap in the servo DC line.  The replaced cap is only a few dollars but the labor for getting it out could be long and expensive.

You could take it into a Sears repair shop or any other audio repair service and get their opinion.  But, my guess is the repair done by a professional repair facility may cost upwards of $200 area.

Hope this helps.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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