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model # PS20105 my tv screen is going black with a thin white line across the middle and no sound.  If I turn it off and wait 10 - 20mins. and turn it back on, the pic. and sounds comes back.  sometimes it will stay on fine for the whole evening.  Sometimes I have to turn it off 3 or 4 times an evening.   The cable co., told me it was the tube in the TV.  I'm sure this TV, even though it is old it doesn't have a tube.  They changed the cable box, yesterday no problem, today I keep having the problem.  Do you know if the TV has a tube?  and or what can I do to stop this problem.

Thanks Linda.

Yes, this television is a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) set.  The picture tube is not the culprit, however, as the line across the middle indicates the vertical deflection system is not working properly. And, since you are losing sound as well it may be a power supply problem as well.

The repair requires a skilled technician to diagnose the problem and make a repair; since there are hundreds of electronic parts in the deflection circuitry it may take some time for the technician to analyze and make the repair. In any event the repair cost will likely be greater than the worth of the set.  I see sets of this size and vintage at thrift stores all the time going for $10 to $20 (and on craigslists) which may be a better solution.  Or you could be in for a new flat screen set as they are getting lower in cost all the time.  A 20" screen size can be found for around $100 at the department and electronic stores.

Does this help?  

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