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QUESTION: The small bulb that should light the dial indicator on this receiver is burned out.  I measure 12v to it, but have no idea of the current spec needed, and understand that may be important.  Would you have that info?

Thank you.

ANSWER: Sorry, I have not parts listings for the Toshiba SA-3500 receiver.

I suggest you find a bulb with the same packaging or physical configuration; start with the lowest wattage (Current) rating and see if it puts out enough or equal illumination as the original. If not, move up to a brighter lamp.

You can find many online suppliers of every kind and shape of 12v bulbs with google.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Based on the advice at the bottom of this page, I'm not sure your advice is a good idea?


I disagree with your conclusion.  Here's why.  The example in the web page you referred to was when the substitute lamp was greater current than specified.  My suggestion was to start with the lowest current (wattage) rating and work up. And the commentary was referring only to the MPX chip and stereo lamp.

If in doubt, obtain the service manual and get the right part replacement.

Also, if you have the defective original lamp you may be able to get the replacement by exact examination of the filament structure/wire size inside the lamp; a different power rating would have a different physical filament sizing - if detectable to the eye any way.

Let me know the outcome when all said and done!

Good Luck.

PS: I tried to find a freeby download of schematic, parts list or service manual but no luck.  

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