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QUESTION: I have a JVC RX-805V. After sitting about a week I tried it and couldn't get any real volume out of speakers or headphone jack. It had low volume on FM and CD outputs. I tried going to B speakers output, but no difference. It worked fine before that. I Checked internal fuses which looked to be intact. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: Check the obvious things first:  Is mute function ON? Speaker wires OK?

Do you hear or feel the power transformer kick in when the power switch is switched ON?

Have you checked the owners manual troubleshooting section?

After checking all that you can do you may need to have an audio tech look at it to find out what may have failed. It is an old set thus prone to failure just about anywhere inside the complex circuitry.

Service manuals are available freely on the Internet if you are tech savy that may give you some further troubleshooting ideas.

Let me know if you need more.

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QUESTION: I've tried all the above. I double checked the transformer kick it it appears to. I hear a second sound after the turn on a few seconds later. In terms of speaker wire I've checked but headphones have same low volume. I haven't found any service manual but will give it a harder try.

Thanks again

If you have a voltmeter you could check the dc lines feeding the audio output circuitry.  There could be a power supply failure and the output amps are not getting full voltage.

Try prodding around the audio power output section to see if there is a poor ground connection on the board or something like that.

Also, listen to the audio output up close; if there is high amount of hum in the sound it could mean the electrolytic filter caps in the power supply need replaced.

Hope this helps.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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