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Hi it is me again, the Proscan lady.
our last e-mail you suggested that if the problem continues(not sure if you can remind yourself by looking back at our e-mails) let me know if you need more info.
But now I'm not having a thin white line.  Again sometimes it works for days with no prob.  Now when it goes off, it is completely black screen.  and it just depends on how quickly I can get it to come back on.    I was talking to friends who live in the same area as me, and some of them are having the same problems.  They have much newer TV's then me.   One suggested that I stop using the ""all on" button on the remote, and use the single buttons  TV, then Power buttons.  This worked!! now it is not.  Could it be the cable co is moving closer to all digital, from Analog, so there for my switching box (from the cable CO) is not working as it was.  IF  so is there a box I could get myself, that will continue to do that?  OR do you have other suggestions?
Also could you give me the web. address that you found the info on about my TV.  I searched for one with on luck.  Again THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!! Linda.

The buttons on the remote for power are not related, I think.
The cable company is not the cause, I think.
You have what we call and "intermittent" problem, I think.

Did I not have you go through the smack and bump treatment?  

Procedure:  When the set goes off just thump the set all around the chassis with your hand or fist.  The vibration from smacking the set will often aright the internal connection and bring it back to life.  Or, sometimes it may dislodge the bad connection so as to make it permanently OFF.

In any event I believe your set has a bad circuit in the vertical amplifier section and if the bump and smack does nothing then I suggest you get a professional tech to look  at it and provide a diagnosis.

Hope this helps.

PS: If you think the cable box is part of the problem then try the bump and whack treatment to it as well.  

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