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My 40' Samsung flatscreen is starting to show a red "fuzz" in the black areas of a picture. Sometimes I get green also. Looks like a group of pixels. I think my tv is an LCD. Definitely not a plasma. Wondering if this is repairable. Picture attached. Thank you for your time.

You did not give me the model number so I cannot research your model. All models have differing technology inside and without knowing the details one can only talk in generalities.

From the photo it looks like you may have a signal quality issue.  Have you checked with your cable supplier?  If you are using antenna input have you tried adjusting the antenna?  Have you checked all the connections on the back of the tv?

You may want to go back to the beginning with the set and to a set-up procedure.  Your owners manual can give you the process.

Compare different channels; if some channels are better or worse than others it points to poor reception qualities.  If the picture quality is essentially the same on all channels and conditions it points to a bad video board, perhaps.

You can find replacement boards by googling your model number. is a good supplier.  You may find the replacement boards for your set are $50 to $100.  They are easy to install.

Hope this helps.  

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