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Is it possible to buy a antenna strong enough to pick up radio transmissions from other states. I've always wanted to hear local radio from places like D.C. or Atlanta but the internet doesn't offer this option to the extent that I'd like. Is there any way I could connect to a satellite or something outrageous to make this happen.

This is called broadcast band DXing.  DX is a ham radio term referring to receiving distant transmissions.

Have you tried iheart app?  They really carry a lot of stations.

Daytime listening is pretty much limited to ground plane radiation and has a range of a few miles, depending on strength of the transmitter/antenna regardless of antenna used.  High power antenna will help but once you are out of range that's the end of it.  Same with FM radio.

Nighttime listening is a different matter; depending on the ionosphere skipping patterns you can often get reception from around the world.  Skip or bounce is determined by weather conditions, transmitter frequency and other technical issues. But, you can get into it heavily if you have a big budget for antenna, rotors and customized receivers.

The above are starting points for you to learn about some of the technology, what some or your colleagues are doing and why as well as how to get into it.

But, you have ahead of you lots of material to study and ways to develop this kind of hobby.  It is alot of fun and very educational.

Best wishes. Let me know if you need more after reading up on the basics.  

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