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RE: Panasonic Color Television Model CT-20G24A
I have a Panasonic Color TV that I purchased in the early 1990's.
Picture quality and color rendition have been excellent.
A few months ago all of a sudden there was no picture - just a black screen but audio was fine. I vacuumed the TV exterior and after three days the picture suddenly returned.
All was normal until last week when the same thing happened. Again I vacuumed the exterior of the TV. However, the screen remained black.
I was going to go to Best Buy tomorrow to purchase a Samsung 30 inch flat screen TV. However, this evening out of the blue the picture returned and the TV is back to normal.
Am I correct in assuming that the picture tube is slowly dying or might something else be going on. Regardless it has been a great TV even if it time to buy a new one.
Many thanks for your input/expertise.

You are one of the lucky people of the world who has a tv set that lasts that long. You should be glad it is still alive. Probably, but just a guess, the high voltage is arcing over inside and the cleaning cleared up some of the high voltage leakage problems.

I wouldn't even give it one moment of thought:  The Panasonic has done its duty and needs a respectful burial.

Best wishes.  

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