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QUESTION: I have a Auto cassette radio.  It is Pioneer KEH-35   The paper with the rest of the numbers is torn off so I cannot read the rest.  It is for a '92 Ford Explorer.  I would like to get a new CD player but all I have to play are cassettes.  Old school, I know.  Most of the time it will not play.  When messing around with it, I found that when I press the volume knob in, it will play until I release my pressure.  I wish you would tell me the best way to fix it and the best way to access the area behind the volume knob.  I looked at probably 20 junkyards and pawnshops but found nothing.  There is no expert on auto electronics.

Thank you.

ANSWER: There are a couple of directions you might take.


The above page are OEM radios that might fit your vehicle or with small modifications may work in it.  You can search through the models listed but your 1992 vehicle is too old to support with original OEM head unit.

TWO:  Aftermarket players are available from and you can find easy with a little searching.  Here is one, for example:

Or you can go to the web page and go through their outfit my car sequence and they will produce a listing of aftermarket radios that will work in your vehicle.

Hope this gets you rolling.

PS: A third alternative is to get an mp3 or ipod adapter for the Pioneer you have and plug in a player directly to the radio unit.  You can find plug in adapters at  various locations such as Walmart, Bestbuy, etc.

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QUESTION: I don't have a lot of money and would rather fix it myself if possible.  There are 3 wires ocming from the back of the set.  A white an red one next to each other and a black one.  The black one has a piece of the insulation abou3/4" long at the point where the metal housing is located.  Is this for grounding?  Otherwise it would seem to be a short.
I will also check Crutchfield.

Thank you

Here is a wiring diagram guidance for the 1992 Explorer

The common procedure is to use a wiring harness designed to match the car and the radio.  But, you ideally need the wiring diagram for the radio then match the connections to the wiring system of the vehicle.

Some of the more common harnesses are easily found at Walmart and such places.  They are usually less that $10.

Without the installation guide for your radio you might have to experiment with the connections or get someone who knows basic radio theory to look at the wiring of it and determine which wire is coming from which section in the radio, etc.  Often, with older radios there is  wiring diagram glued to the case for basic guidance in hooking it up.

If you have an ohmmeter you can easily tell if the short black wire you mentioned is to ground.  You can purchase a VOM (volt-ohm-meter) for less than $10 at Walmart, Home Depot or Harbor Tool.  They are an invaluable tool for the DIY installer.  

Good Luck. Hope this helps.

Here is another wiring guide for your vehicle:

You can google for other diagrams, harnesses and wiring kits for the explorer.  

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