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I have an RCA model X13154GS. We moved it to another room and now there is no sound. It worked before; although we don't know if there was a remote. Its as if the mute button is on; however, we cannot find such a button or menu. We need to turn the sound on...headphones get no sound either. thank you.


The model number you gave is a part number for an RCA remote control.

This seems to be a very old tv you have and chances are you caused loss of the audio amplifier.  The fact the headphone isn't working means the audio amplifier is not working, also.

Repairing the audio requires attention of a tech who can diagnose the circuit failure.

So, my suggestion is to bang on the set with your hand or fist to see if you can recover the sound.  Moving it around may have caused a circuit interruption.  Banging on the set or even jiggling the set where it stands may recover it....

Good Luck.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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