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I have a Sony TV where the picture keeps coming off and on.Eventualy it stops then starts again , on and off . The model number is- KV35S42 the ser number is 9128411.

Well, sir, the set is getting old.  It's history as a model goes way back to the late 1999, 2001 era making it a 14 year old set potentially.  If it is that age and just now conking out you have done very well with the investment.  Sets this old are not good candidates for repair as the investment is high considering the present value of the aging set.

The cause of it shutting off could very well be something related to the power supply or the picture tube current handling circuits.  

If a power supply thing it is likely a gassy or leaky electrolytic capacitor in the ripple filter of the main power supply.

If the picture tube is getting old and drawing too much current the safety circuits may be sending it into shut down.  There are some adjustments that can keep the set on but it will only last for a short period of time - - until the current exceeds the new settings and can't yield any more adjustment range.  

You would need to do some testing, or find someone who can check the set out to determine which of the above or something else entirely that may be going on with the set.

All that being said I have found that many old sets have developed an intermittent connection somewhere in the circuitry.  Try thumping and jiggling the set to see if you can cause an internal reconnection of the bad connection(s).  Sometimes you can get lucky.

Good Luck.  

TV/VCR/Stereo Troubleshooting

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