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I have a Wharfdale 22" HD ready LCD TV/DVD combi, it's worked for around 4 yrs, well except the DVD player, that broke when I 1st bought it but I'm not too bothered abut that as I've got a DVD player.
The problem with the TV is that the picture has gone suddenly, the sound is still there, but no picture, it's just a black screen!
Is it worth fixing???

Probably not.  The cost of repair is high whilst the cost of new small sets like this have come down in price dramatically in the 4 years since you bot this one.

I suggest you do not purchase a replacement with built-in dvd as combo units are very high maintenance and require repairs many times more often than do individual components.  So long as the new tv has inputs for a dvd player that is the best solution.

And, DVD players are also becoming very inexpensive.  Here in the USA we see DVD players everywhere for USD$24 and up.  22" tv sets are, again, here in the USA, USD$139 and up.

Now, all that being said, there are often cases where merely an internal faulty connection pops up.  Try just thumping the cabinet with your hand or fist all around the sides, back and top to see if that will cause the connection to become working again.  If not, then maybe it's off to the electronics shop you go.


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