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I have a model 60SDX88BA Big screen tv that has recently lost picture.  It started going funny a week ago.  I noticed while watching it would have a blue flash every once in awhile.  Last time I went to turn it on.  The picture was all compacted and blurry in the middle of the screen.  Then poof and the picture was gone.  It never came back.  No sound either.  When I press menu or input buttons,nothing on the screen either.  Any ideas would be helpful. Steve

The two most common causes of failure in this class of tv receiver is 1) convergence circuits going out or gone out and 2) loss of high voltage.

Based on your description of the failure sequence it seems most likely failure of the high voltage since convergence failure generally displays other symptoms prior to total failure (such as blurry but full size picture and displaced color images like  a 3D image).

So, I am thinking the high voltage power might need repairing.  The repair involves replacement of either the high voltage transformer or the horizontal output transistor.  Most technician would recommend replacing them both because if you replace only one element it is quite likely the other one will fail, anyway, soon thereafter and since each part is not expensive (labor is the most expensive part of the repair) it pays to replace both at the same time.

If you can do the repairs on a DIY basis the cost of parts is probably under $100.  If you call in a tech it will probably run over $200 to $300 because there is a bit of labor getting the set torn down and removing the old parts and soldering in the new ones; then checking it out and making any adjustments that might be necessary with the new flyback transformer.

Or, you can think of replacing the entire set with a new flat screen unit which will give you a much better picture and take up less space in your listening/viewing room!

All the best.  Let me know if you need more.  

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