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QUESTION: CLEEGSAN HI I would. Like to remove the circuit bord from my Samsung. TX R2435 TV. Is this difficult to do.  I would like to take this out to replace some capacitors. I'm getting fine colored lines accross the screen.
Thank you Ken

ANSWER: I'd say it is not too difficult if you have some elementary experience working with electronic parts and know how to solder in tight places.  You can probably find a youtube that gives some examples of what to expect.

You must be careful so as not to damage the screen.  You will need a large flat place where you can lay the tv face down. Place a big soft towel down for protection and to avoid scratching the front of the set.

Unplug the power prior to any removal activity.  Of course, the back panel must be removed and the cover, if any, over the board you are going to pull.  Mostly they can be removed by taking out 3 or 4 screws and disconnecting the cable jumpers or plugs. In some cases you must clip a connecting wire which must be soldered back to the same connection when replacing the board.

Best wishes.  Let me know how it goes.

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QUESTION: Cleggsan hi, I removed the back of the television without a problem. I have also soldered parts on a circuit board in the past. IM just trying to remove. the circuit board. Does the board  pop out or slide out. Is there any place. to get a schematic. for this Samsung. Model TX-R2435. Thanks Ken

Service manuals which contain the parts list, schematic diagrams and block layouts are usually available by a few months after the release of the set into the marketplace. They are available online with a search.   They cost $25 to $40 usually and are not a freeby.

Occasionally some one will privately post one online for free download but I did not find your model when searching for it on google.  You can try by yourself but it may require a purchase in order to get at it.

I don't know this model exactly but the boards usually snap freely once the mounting screws or pins have been released to allow it to come out.  Depending on the hardware shrouding sometimes it takes clever manipulation to find the exact extraction pathway.  

Best wishes.  

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