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QUESTION: I bought a Vizio smart TV, it had a funny smell when turned on, they said it had some coatings that burn off when started. Do they have Teflon.
Thank you

ANSWER: I know of no such coatings.  However, Vizio units mostly come from China and they gather some strange odors whilst in the packaged and shipping system to soak up humidity and kill of insects or other contaminates that might enter in during their long trek from the factory to the end user.  Some humans are greatly offended by the odor of these chemicals and others don't seem to mind them at all. There are some odors that are noticeable when the tv warms up due to the electrical components but it is normal and no different from the older analog tube style tvs.

There is no teflon that I know of.  Why do you ask?  

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Customer service from Vizio said that they used a coating that should burn off-I could not get a straight answer about what is was. The packaging smelled horrible.
Thank you for helping!!

Thanks.  I don't think the 'customer service' spokesperson gave you a correct answer.  Try their technical support line; maybe they would have a better answer.

I did a google search to learn if any other Vizio buyers had complained from the smell and did not find anything to speak of.

Thanks for the feedback.  

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